Crypto Capital Markets

Undercollateralized loans for institutional borrowers

Total Liquidity Provided


Using Maple

Lend or borrow from a diversified pool of institutional counterparties


Access capital efficiently. Lending opportunities grow as Borrowers build their track record and expand their business.


Generate DeFi yield from a diversified pool of accredited borrowers that are profitable and stable. Mitigate default exposure with a reserve of protective capital.


Audited by multiple third-party firms and secured with smart contract insurance. Collateral held in non-custodial smart contracts and is protected from automated liquidations.

The Maple Protocol

Expand the digital economy through corporate credit creation


Lenders generate yield by lending to top crypto institutions

Pool Delegates

Pool Delegates oversee Lending Pools and assess Borrowers for fees


Premium crypto institutions borrow undercollateralized through Maple to expand their businesses

The Maple ecosystem